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A Product Performance Management (PPM) Platform, enabling e-commerce brands worldwide to scale profitably through product-level analytics and cost-saving automations.

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Product Performance Intelligence

Stop wasting ad spend on guesswork. Gain deep product insights to make data-driven decisions and skyrocket your sales.
Unified Dashboard:  See all product performance data (ROAS, CTR, AdSpend) from Meta, Google Ads, GA4, and your e-com store in one place.
Identify Star Products and Hidden Gems:  Uncover hero products, high-potential contenders, and low performers within a few clicks.
Actionable Insights:  Exclude poor performers, scale top products, or test promising SKUs – all driven by data. For example, create Smart Product Sets to promote high-potential products by filtering for ROAS > 3x AND Ad Spends < $100.
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Catalog Ads

Boost clicks and conversions with dynamic catalog ads and personalized automations.
Dynamic Product Details: Craft highly engaging ads using real-time product data like price, discounts, and categories.
AI-Powered Creative Automation: Choose from a diverse library of eye-catching templates for new launches, exclusive offers, sale collections, and dynamic discounts – all powered by BigAtom's AI.
Overlay Magic: Effortlessly apply these templates to existing catalog ads across Meta, Instagram, and Google Display Network, without disrupting your ad campaigns.
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Effortless Feed Optimization

Get the most out of your product catalog with our feed optimization tools.
Keyword-Rich Titles:  Effortlessly optimize product titles with relevant keywords and attributes using our Title Optimizer.
Focus on Core Variants:  Identify your catalog's core variants (e.g., size S, M and L for apparel brands) and exclude fragmented inventory.
Effortless Image Resizing: Let automatic resizing and cropping take the hassle out of feed management, ensuring your product images are always the perfect size for ad platforms
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Hear it from our customers

"The team has repeatedly exceeded ROI expectations across digital marketing channels for us. Their technology-first approach to marketing sync very well with the increasingly complex marketing algorithms and has helped the business grow multi-fold in a very short time.”
Sourabh Bansal
Head of E-commerce, Aurelia
“Our order volume and revenue has both doubled. By focusing on our best-selling products and eliminating non-performers, we not only enhanced our website's performance but also maximized our ad spend efficiency."
Bhavana Singh
VP, Branding and Communication, Bombay Shirt Company
“Great team that has played a crucial role in our domestic and international growth. They offer invaluable advice on compliance, audience understanding, and market strategies. We are thankful for their support and look forward to achieving bigger milestones together soon.”
Udita Bansal
Founder, trueBrowns
“Our association with the team is invaluable to us. What Mulmul stands for today in the online space has a lot to do with this association.”
Harsh Hari Modi
Founder, Mulmul
“The best feature that has helped us in performance marketing so far is the Product Analytics section in the BigAtom platform. It provides valuable insights into non-hype sales and products sold in the non-hype category, allowing us to measure our ad spending's effectiveness."
Kanak Karala
Senior Executive, Veg Non Veg
“Their structured approach with categories, creatives, and easy ad linking has made running ads simpler and more effective. The platform's insights have been valuable in improving brand
visibility, surpassing Facebook's capabilities in this aspect."
Karan Agrawal
Founder, The Tassle Life
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